Elements Tarot Triad (tarot, flower cards, runes) for the Weekend (07-09/12/12)



Fire (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius)

Tarot: fire people will need to make sure that their zest, passion and desire to make things happen do not over-ride their family values and spiritual leanings. It’s simply not worthy. Even if you did obtain much of what you want, it would not be all of it, and whereas a part of you may feel smug about your cunningness, there’s a real possibility you may lose respect and moral statue from those who admire you and see you as a role model, particularly relatives or close associates.

Flower card: Pink Cherry. This card suggests you focus on your abundance. There are energies your way that bring new opportunities for some kind of riches, most likely material. Be aware of these influences and keep your senses open to them. To appreciate these possibilities of gain in their full dimension, take time to appreciate what you have right now.

Rune: Laguz. Use this weekend to clean, both, your environment as well as your body and mind. Practice some kind of purification ritual for your home and a cleansing meditation for your soul. It’s a good day to travel inwards and sit and listen to your Higher Self. Try to create harmony between your inner truth and outer actions.


Air (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius)

Tarot: air people may not enjoy the most relaxed of times this weekend. You may find yourself in a defensive mood, feeling that, at best, people are not cooperating, at worst, they are attacking you or things that you hold dear. You may be prone to take this very personally and few may find themselves depressed, sad, questioning their self-worth or the true feelings of those around you. Breathe in and breathe out. Although there may be material reasons to feel this way, do not enslave yourself to the dark thoughts. Acknowledge them, feel them and then release then. Focus on the light at the end of the tunnel, repeat yourself like in a mantra: this too will pass. Is mostly perception. Change your glasses and make a concerted effort to focus on the things you can control, on the beauty and magic of the season, on the knowledge that soon this influence will pass and you will feel better.

Flower card: Daffodil. This weekend will gift you with opportunity to attest your personal power. You have abilities that not even you know you have. Let go of the dark clouds above your head and see the sun that shines within you. Bathe on its light and act from its strength. If you take ownership of this power, you’ll be surprised at how much you’ll be able to do.

Rune: Algiz. Control your emotions. You are going through a time of transition and emotions can act like a roller coaster. Connect to your Spiritual Warrior. Timely action and correct conduct are your best protection. You will progress. Know it and act accordingly.


Earth (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn)

Tarot: earth people, appropriately enough, will be very concerned with earthly, material matters. There is a need to organize, to create and bring beauty into the environment, to balance costs, and share wealth. There’s a tendency of wanting to hold to what has been gained and this may create frictions, as some may feel they are not receiving a fair share. There’s also an influence of reflection on the material efforts put into the closing year and deciding if the result is the expected one or not. Try to balance this earthiness connecting to the heart, to motherly (even if you are male) feelings of nourishment and care for others.

Flower card: crocus. This weekend may awaken the creative juices in many earth people. This will be welcome by some that have felt a bit flat lately. Relish this input of creativity and accept it enthusiastically. Write ideas, do crafts, find new uses for old things, review you goals and dreams, try something new.

Rune: Ansuz. Open yourself to signs and patterns that inspire messages and ideas. Those who do open to inspiration, to seeing beyond the evident, who are ready to trust the voice intuition in spite of their intellects, can receive valuable spiritual lessons this weekend. Look for this signs not only in the typical places, like sacred texts and sages; see the Divine presence in earthly things, in shadowy things, in shallow things. Expect the unexpected and see every person and situation as potential messengers. You may receive the map to a new life.


Water (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces)

Tarot : this weekend will give many the chance to explore feelings of loss, of sadness and work with them in a positive manner. Give them purpose; allow them to help you see things in a different way, see them as offering to your inner growth, discovery and maturity. Once you have done this work, chances are that the scales will fall from your eyes and you will see all the blessing, beauty and untapped opportunities within and without. Find comfort and strength in those willing to support you, even if their help is of a more practical fashion. They don’t have to fully understand you, but accept their kindness and nourishment. It will be necessary to help you move on. Actually, some may feel the need to physically change places to do this inner work, although they may not be fully aware of what’s happening in their soul realm.

Flower card: rose. Open your doors to abundance and practice self-worth. Give thanks to the Universe for all your blessings. This will be a taken as a sign that you are ready to receive. Let go of your limits and accept the gifts that are there for you to take.

Rune: Jera. The change you want is there, but it need time. It’s need tending, dedication, work. It needs faith and trust. It needs love, vision, and joy. It needs strength and patient. It need you acting on you to be the you, you want. It needs about a year. Be gentle with yourself. And know that within you is the seed of all the beauty and joy you seek. Help it grow. Start this weekend by clearing the inner fields and planting it in a soil full of hope.