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Next Workshop: Connecting to Prosperity -SOLD OUT


Prosperity is a state of mind, a flight of the soul, a sacred duty, an opening to life; a courageous act of gratitude and love. To connect to prosperity is to connect to the gift of possibility we all are born with; it is to allow ourselves to be all that we can be. And yet, many people are afraid of prosperity, have misconceptions of what it is, or doubt they have what it takes to be truly prosperous. Hence, they live in the “half-empty” side of the glass, denying themselves the gift of abundance, creativity, joy, service and self-fulfilment that prosperity offers. If you are ready to embrace all the fullness, richness and satisfaction that life can give, then Connecting to Prosperity is the workshop for you.


In this workshop you will:

  • create a working definition of prosperity that is right for you
  • learn about prosperity’s blockers
  • find about the attitudes and practices that will connect you to prosperity’s flow and allow you to navigate successfully on its currents.


Life does not teach scarcity or poverty. On the contrary; it manifests continuously in expansion and growth against all odds, from the skyscraping sequoias to the golden dandelion pushing through a pavement crack. If life has a motto, it seems to be the very Vulcan “Live Long and Prosper.” So join us and let Connecting to Prosperity be your first step towards the plentiful life you were born to live.


Date: 27th September

Place: Chelmsford, Essex

Venue: Atlantic Business Centre, Lyttleton House, 64 Broomfield Rd, Chelmsford CM1 1SW

Time: From 10 to 5

Investment: £80 (10%  will be donated to a local charity/cause)


The Circles of Fire.


Inspired a bit in the Pagan fire festivals of the British Isles, this is a visualisation/ritual aimed at helping to let go of limiting or redundant beliefs, ideas or patterns. I suggest you read it several times, record it before doing it or have someone read it out loud to you.

Write on a white piece of paper a belief, attitude or habit you are ready to give up. On  a yellow or orange paper, then write an opposite belief, attitude or habit that would help you to be more genuine, bring you closer to your goals or just make life easier, happier or more meaningful. Get some matches, two foil lined pots with a lids. Have some cinnamon sticks, fresh or dried rosemary and laurel leaves (traditionally associated to purification) in one of the pots. You may also need some heat-proof surface on where to put the pots. Find a quiet place where you won’t be interrupted. Sit, preferably on the floor, as comfortably as you can and place the pots and matches in front, where you can easily access them. If you like, light some candles and play some inspiring or relaxing music.

 Do a centring a practice (it may be as simple as breathing deeply around nine times). Close your eyes and using the power of your imagination, see yourself in a beautiful meadow, full of wild flowers, and with little isles of trees here and there. The sun is beginning to set and there’s a refreshing, soft breeze caressing the tall grass. In front of you, there is a circle of purple stones, in the middle of which a bonfire burns.  A few steps away, there’s another circle, this time of translucent, crystal-like stones, with another bonfire burning in the middle. Step confidently into the first circle. This is a purifying fire, that burns away that which no longer serves you.  Feel a rush of energy, coming from deep down the earth, up to your soles and all the way up to the top of your head and beyond. Keeping this image on your mind, open your eyes softly, take the paper where you have written what you are ready to let go and say: “I let go of… I am ready to continue without this in my life.” Light a match, burn a corner of the paper and drop it on the empty pot. See it burn, and in your mind, see a black smoke leave, away from you, your home, your town, country, planet. Make sure the whole paper burns and then put the lid on.

Breathe in deeply one more time, close your eyes, and see yourself again in the meadow. Step out the purple circle, stretch your arms out and say a prayer or words of gratitude, as recognition that you are no longer tied to the pattern or belief that was holding you back. Now step into the second circle. This is a fire of inspiration. Feel a rush of energy, from above your head to the sole of your feet. See your body encased in a golden light.  Slowly open your eyes and burn the herbs in the second pot.  Carefully and gently, waft some of the smoke in front of you (be sensible here, the idea is no to choke yourself) as you do that, imagine what it would be like to act and live with this new habit or belief. Put the lid on. Breathe in deeply and go back to the meadow.

You are now out of the second circle. Evoke the joy, confidence, peace, sense of achievement and any other feeling that you will experience once the new thought/belief or habit has settled into your life. Again, say some words of appreciation for this. Breathe in deeply. Become aware of the floor or cushion under you. Wiggle your fingers. And when you are ready, open your eyes.

Put the orange paper with your new pattern or vision in a visible place, and for the next 21 days look at it and say: "I am thankful that I now think/ believe/ act this way". Take practicla steps to start living your new reality. Remember that it's best to do go little by little and incorporate the changes slowly but continously,  than to try to do everything at once.

A Love Letter


This weekend I’d like to invite you to write a love letter…to yourself. I know, for some it sound a bit strange, for others somewhat conceited or even very egotistical. Trust me in this one. When you find all the reasons to love you, the world looks brighter, gentler, happier and more inspiring. This exercise is particularly good if you are ready to allow romantic love into your life…I mean, if you can’t find reasons to love yourself, why should others? So here is a little questionnaire to help draft your love letter:

1)    What term of endearment will you use? Examples: dear, beloved, sweet, brave, my dearest, and so forth.

2)    What are the three qualities you like the best about your personality?

3)    What challenges are you particularly proud of having overcome, accepted or worked around?

4)    Name three things that you are pretty good at.

5)    What part of your body do you personally find more attractive, strong or beautiful?

6)    What anecdote about your childhood or teenage years do you find most endearing?

7)    What life lessons have you learned so far that have helped grow and be wiser, more accepting, loving and caring?

8)    What values do you hold especially dear and why are they important or meaningful?

9)    Think of three things you have done that have helped or inspired others.

10)                       Include one or more goals you have for the future and write what you have in your favour to help them achieve them.

11)                       Write a list of loving, admiring, funny, caring and beautiful adjectives you can include in your letter to express your self-love.

12)                       Write the letter. Take as long as necessary. Don’t edit yourself. If you find that you feel uncomfortable at some issues, write them down in your journal and go back to them later. Right now focus in the feelings of love, appreciation and admiration that this practise may awake. And if the inner critics comes out of the shell, instead of fighting or discussing with it, give it a task. Ask, what qualities make me worthy of love? What examples of courage are there in my life? Why do I feel so happy/satisfy when I do…?



Welcome to Journeying Soul's Haven. Here you will find centring practices, a relaxation routines, empowering visualisations/ guided meditations, motivational posters and imaages, prayers, poems, rituals and food-for- thought pieces, to help you find inner peace, relaxation, aspiration and inspiration.