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Positivity, Words and Reality

by Karem Barratt




You may have heard before: your words create your world. I didn’t quite realise the power of words until I read the novel 1984. In the story, there was a government department dedicated to strike some words from the English language, such as freedom, democracy, individuality. The reason? The realisation that, without the word, the concept is gone. Think about it. How would you say you want to be free, if the word free or any of its synonyms didn’t exist? How do you explain it to somebody else? I guess eventually you would create a word or a series of them to describe the concept, but until then, the idea of personal freedom could very well disappear from people’s awareness. What if we did to ourselves what this fictional department does, but in an inverse manner? What if instead of banning positive words, we banned negative ones? Or at least only used their least intense versions?

One word I particularly dislike and which seems to be a favourite of news readers is “desperate.” Apparently, the British are desperate for everything: from solutions to economic problems to knowing who’ll win the Oscar for best actress. Yet, to my mind, desperation is associated with the last stage of a situation. Let’s try an experiment. You are waiting for an answer, your A-level results, for example. Now say: I am desperate to know if I passed. Good. Try again, this time saying: I am eager to know if I passed. Can you feel the difference? Eagerness connects us to positivity, since we are all usually eager for good things to happen. Desperation ties us to pessimism, since we tend to associate it with bad news. Unconsciously, our tone of voice, even our gestures and facial expressions change according to which sentence we use. And so do our emotions. Emotions are one of the strongest filters of reality. Even if they are sitting side by side, the boy who is desperate to know if he passed his A-levels is experiencing a completely different world than the girl who is eagerly awaiting the results.

It’s not the same to have a “stern” father as it is to have a “firm” father. The workplace changes a lot if instead of “enemies” you have “adversaries” or “competitors.” The way you react to bad news will be different if you express your feeling as “rage” instead of “annoyance.” A new project will look more promising if you are “greatly excited” than if you are just “interested.” The way you relate to a person can be more beneficial if you see her as “a knowledgeable academic, passionate about her subject” than if you see her as a “boring history professor who only talks about old stuff”. The more intense the positive words you use are, the more positivity they generate. So be enthusiastic and vehement as you discover thrilling and stimulating new ways to relish the fantastic and whimsical adventure that accomplishing a purpose can be.

Exercise: Think of a word that you use constantly and that has a negative connotation and write it down. Now find 1-3 more positive options for the word and write them down. Say out loud a sentence using the negative word and then repeat it, but this time using the more positive version. How does it feel? Did you notice any emotions when using the different words?

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Temperance Mini-Meditation to Change Inner Vision and Find Inspiration

by Karem Barratt


(Card from the Mythic Tarot)

Note: for this meditation you need the Temperance card from a Tarot deck (you can use the image in this article)



Breathe in deeply three times.

Observe carefully the Temperance card.

Close your eyes.

Imagine the situation that is draining you of energy as clearly as possible. Now freeze it, as if it were a photo.

See this photo now in the landscape of the Temperance card. See the winged image pour some of her water over the photo. See how it bubbles and foams. The angel pours more water and cleans this scum. Now the photo shows the ideal situation you would like to see come to pass.

The angel now offers you some of the water for you to drink. As you do so, your whole body feels relaxed, cleanse, revitalized. You feel full of patience and energy, ready to tackle whatever life throws at you. Thank the angel and breathe in deeply, three times.

Now see yourself in the new image now showed on the photo. See and hear what you say, how you act, how others react and how the situation solves itself.


Open your eyes.

Healing Ceremony to Let Go

by  Karem Barratt

Be it from a mental or spiritual point of view, the ability to forgive and to let go of resentments and hate is fundamental for a healthy life. Letting go also includes eradicating limiting beliefs  or unhelpful habits that get in the way of our spiritual, mental and practical goals. I always associate holding to the negative things to carrying a cactus with a bare hand: a best it's uncomfortable, a worst is very painful and it never really makes sense.

Unfortunately, many people seem to see forgiveness either as a weakness and as relinquishing the right to seek justice, or something so powerful and difficult that only a form of deity can do it. But forgiving is actually empowering and liberating: it cuts the ties and influence that other people have on us. And only after forgiveness can there be true justice. Without forgiveness, what people tend to look for and exercise is revenge. As for forgiveness being something only "God does", we find over and over again in the different sacred texts and spiritual practices, that forgiveness is an act an individual or a community does to ensure peace and wellness. Master Jesus even says that in the measurement that you forgive you will be forgiven, something I interpret as in the measurement that you open yourself to compassion and humbleness, you open yourself to receive the same from life.

One way to forgive and release all those negatives thoughts, feelings and beliefs that weight us down is through rituals and healings ceremonies. There is something primeval about ceremonies that appeals to a part of us, and its symbolism seems to speak directly to our soul and unconscious mind. So today I'm offering a healing ceremony inspired in the Earth-based  spiritualties.

For this ceremony we are going to need time, commitment, paper, pencil, a shovel, some bird-friendly seeds and comfortable shoes.

The first thing you need to do is decide what you want to release: a resentment, a hatred, a limiting belief, and unhelpful habit or something alike. Write it down in a piece of paper. Now, take some time to find "the gift in the poison" or the lessons found in what you want to release. Believe me, there's always something beneficial in everything that happens, either because it makes you stronger, it inspire to act the opposite way, it tests your values and so forth. Write these "gifts" in a different piece of paper. Apparently, Nature is not too keen on vacuums, so take some time to decide what will you fill with that space left by the eradicated "something" once is no longer part of your life. If you want to let go of the negative influence a person has on you, then consider filling the void with people who are more akin to you and your way of thinking. Hence in a third piece of paper you may write: I attract like-minded people with whom I have a great relationship.

The second stage of our ceremony takes place out in nature. Try to find a place that inspires you, that brings a sense of wonder and awe and that you can somehow relate to your idea of Spirit. If you choose a place with a somewhat difficult access, this may help turn the whole experience as an initiatory journey of sorts. Do keep in my mind the final goal  and open yourself to inspiration as you travel to this place. Take the shovel, seeds, and pieces of paper with you. And don't forget those comfy shoes.

 Once you have reach your destination, take a few minutes to breathe in and centre. If you like to work with spiritual helpers, be them guides, angels, elements or abstract concepts such as light, peace, love, this is the moment to invite them to the ceremony. Now, connect to your idea of the Divine, and speak out loud to it as honest and as naturally as it comes to you. In your own words, ask for its help to let go; place this something that is of no use to you in its power for Spirit to deal with it as best as it see fits. Give thanks for releasing you from this burden.

Open a small hole in the ground and place in it the paper with the description of what you are letting go. Fill the hole with earth. Imagine the paper dissolving into specks, which are absorbed by the ground. If you can't imagine this, then say it out loud. Then say whatever words seem appropriate to state that you have forgiven or let go of this. Stand tall and now say all the things you are grateful for in relation to this experience. So say humbly, true appreciation to what you have received. Breathe in deeply a few times, and now read and visualize what you are using to fill the void with. Again, if you cannot imagine it, say it. Try to bring forth the feelings that this new belief, attitude, skill, thought or whatever would naturally awake in you. Finally, leave the seeds over the now-covered hole and give thanks to Nature for receiving the paper and help you in your ceremony. If you have invited energies, this is the time to thank them and release them too. Now, go home.

Be mindful  of how you act and react after this ceremony. If you find yourself repeating some though patterns (the mind can be very stubborn at times) have at hand something to substitute them with before they fully form. For example, your ex-husband always come late to pick up the kids on the weekends. Every time he gives you an excuse, you usually think something like "yeah, right, and I am the Queen of Sheba." The moment you notice the "yeah, right..." stop the thought on its tracks and change it  for  something else. You can be nice and change it to " I bless the light in this man" or if nothing comes to mind, literally sing to yourself a "la, la, la." Because you have eradicated the energy of the resentment towards your ex, changing the habits associated with the resentments will be much easier.

Be practical too. If for the last five years the man has been late to pick up the kids, accept that reality and either take the kids to him or don't expect him at the established time and do something fun with your children, without bringing to the conversation that Dad is late again. Ex-hubby (or anyone for that matter) can only influence your mood as much as you allow him too. And you'll notice that, after forgiving and letting go, you'll allow him less and less, almost nil, influence in your state of mind and personal peace.

The Four Charms, a Tale of Inner Wisdom. Episode 1.




Princess Rebecca woke up with a knot in her stomach. She was feeling cold and woozy. She left her bed wanting – really, truly wanting, that it was not August, nor the seventh, nor her birthday. Now, usually Princess Rebecca was all for birthdays. She actually had been known to drive people crazy, talking about her birthday weeks and even months before the event, planning games, stories, meals and guests lists. But today she was turning eleven, and that changed everything, for, according to the rules of the kingdom, she would no longer be a child. Today she would become an apprentice.

The princess washed her face and teeth, changed into her clothes, brushed her hair and practiced different faces in front of the mirror, until she found the right expression that would disguise her fear. Last night, as she practiced her dancing in her bedroom, she had had asked the stars shining outside her window to give her bravery and cleverness. Today she had to act as if her wish had come true. She sighed and walked towards the palace’s great hall, where she knew her parents and all the court would be waiting, hiding behind curtains and chairs, to give her a “surprise” birthday breakfast.

 Maybe being an apprentice would not be too bad, Rebecca thought, as she walked down the corridor. It basically meant that she would learn how to be a proper princess, dealing with the kingdom’s problems, helping the people of the land, taking part in all the ceremonies and stuff. The princess blew out some air and felt better. Yes, it couldn’t be too bad, could it? It was not as if she was going to be responsible for the whole kingdom from now on – she would be an apprentice for a good 10 years. Nobody would expect her to be brave or smart right away. She was only eleven after all. Princess Rebecca smiled, this time for real, and eagerly opened the hall’s door, ready to hear the Happy Birthday song from her family and friends.

The great hall was silent. It was silent and gloomy and empty, except for a bent figure near the chimney. It was a young, be-spectacled woman, sitting (Princess Rebecca gulped) on a floating broom.'

'Ah, finally, the princess,’ said the woman.

‘Who...who are you?’‘

'You are not very smart, are you? Who do I look like? Cinderella’s fairy godmother? I am the Wicked Witch, naturally!’

‘There’s no such thing as wicked witches’ Rebecca said, without thinking, ‘just  people who worship nature and call themselves pagans or wiccans. My Mum told me so.’

‘Ooo, my mum told me so,’ chanted the witch. ‘Well your mum ain’t here now, is she?’

‘Where is she? Where is everybody?’

‘How should I know? Apparently I don’t exist – there’s no such thing as wicked witches, remember?’

‘I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to offend you, it’s just that I’m a bit... panicky.’

‘That’s better, I mean, really, one works hard to be the worst witch of all times, studying spells and curses all day, making salamander juice and ogre tooth cake   to pay for one’s studies at Witch University, only to have a girl say that one  does     not exist...’ sniffed the witch,  cleaning her runny nose with her sleeve.

‘Please don’t cry,’ the princess said, lightly touching the witch’s arm, ‘just tell me where my parents and friends are.’

‘Oh, them,’ said the Witch as she blew her nose, ‘I turned them into stones, of course.’

‘What! You horrible, mean, person! Why would you do that?’

‘Well, I’m a wicked witch. It’s what I do. Now, here is the deal...’

‘Deal? You want money to turn them back into humans again?’

The witch raised her eyes and some smoke came out of her ears.

‘You are behind your fairy tale reading, aren’t you? Listen carefully princess, because I don’t have all day. Before the sun sets you have to come back here with  the four charms or everyone in this palace will stay as stones forever and ever and  ever and ever and ever and ever –the witch gasped for some air - and ever. Got it?’

‘No, I don’t get it! What four charms? Where am I supposed to find them?’

‘Gee, what are they teaching in Princess School nowadays? The charms are four enchanted jewels of some type, which, according to my text book, are hidden in  your magic garden and can only be found by the apprentice – that is, you. The charms are part of my homework and I need them by tonight.’

‘We have a magic garden?’

‘Oh, dear. All right, I am a reasonable witch and I like to play fair, so here is your first hint: find Grand Master #39 and he’ll tell you what to do.’

The sounds of bells suddenly filled the great hall.

‘Nine o’clock! Time to go. Happy quest! And remember, you have until sunset,’ exclaimed the Witch as the broom began to shake. ‘Ta, ta!’

The broom took to the air, blue and red sparkles jumping out of its bristles.

‘Wait! Where do I find Grand Master #39?’ Rebecca shouted.

‘Where you usually find a frog!’ replied the Witch, and with that, she flew out of the window.

Book. A Life by Design -Creating the Blueprint to your Success

A Life by Design

Do you feel uninspired? Do you seem to lose track of your resolutions, lose sight of your dreams and just meander through life without clear goals to pursue? Or maybe you would like to learn how to use tools that would help you achieve the life-style you have always wanted for yourself. If the answers to these questions is yes, A Life by Design is the book for you.

This is a very practical handbook, full of exercises and practices to help you create the ideal blueprint for your goals. We start by “clearing” the terrain, by using techniques to allow you to overcome and let go of ideas and beliefs that limit your opportunities to grow, change and manifest. Then the book presents a series of exercises to help you develop your visualising “muscle.” The third part of the book deals with the elements and creation of potent affirmations. The fourth part provides guidance on how to connect to goals that are true to your values, personalities and individual desires. Finally we put it all together to design a master plan and to programme goals infused and empowered by visualisation and affirmation.

A Life by Design is an inclusive handbook, which can be used and applied by people of all spiritual beliefs or those with none. This book will help readers to let go of limiting attitudes that are preventing them from achieving dreams; to visualise their goals effectively to fuel their passion and inspiration; to create affirmations that energise and support their purpose; and to set true, life-enhancing goals.

Find it in Amazon's Kindle.

UK site: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Life-Design-Handbook-Creating-Blueprint-ebook/dp/B00L81C1P2/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1403593502&sr=8-1&keywords=A+Life+by+design+Karem+Barratt

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Fairy Night



Tonight is Mid-Summer and in the lore of many spiritualties, it is a magical night, ideal to commune with the spirits of Nature and life. Personally I don’t have a connection to those spirits usually called fairies, which doesn’t mean that I don’t believe that there are nature spirits. But the innocent girl in me likes to believe in light creatures sleeping in flowers and dancing under the moonlight while drinking honey. And summer deserves its own magical night, to keep the balance with Christmas/Yule/Winter festivals. A night of merriment, even a little mischief. A night no so much for the inner child, but the inner maiden and lad, seeking laughter and dance and that sometimes clumsy tension of sexual encounters, which my end with just a kiss or go far beyond that.

There’s something laid back and extremely sensual in this fairy night; something like sitting on a rowing boat, floating on a still lake, eating mangoes or strawberries, just looking at the stars, while our toes dip in and out from the cool waters. I think Fairy Night is a time outside time to just be. Unlike Harvest and Halloween, related to reaping and letting go, or Spring, and the rebirth of the land and the sowing of new plans and projects, the Summer Solstice for me is a day of trust and enjoyment. We trust that all our work through the year is moving in the process of life and we enjoy a break from the actual work or the intense focus or seriousness of it. Fairy Night and Summer Solstice is really a time to stop and smell the roses and show our appreciation through laughter. And in that laziness, that sweet nothingness, we mellow enough to open ourselves to the flow of inspiration.

The Sun is up, stronger than ever and the meadows are green, dotted with lambs, and jewel-like fruits are heaving branches and snaking through the ground like garlands before the festival. It is a true time of milk and honey and it deserves every ounce of appreciation that you can give. Taste it, smell it, hear it, see it, touch it. Fairy Night begs for a picnic under the stars with your loved one or ones. It begs for a dusk barbecue that extends to dawn, either on your backyard or on a rocky beach. It begs for tepees and tents and cushions on the grass, while you sit and run and play and dance, dressed with wispy dresses, flowers on the hair, feet free from shoes, like sprites from a forgotten world. And then maybe it’ll turn out that the spirits in the woods are us.

Prosperity Musings



Prosperity is a state of mind, a flight of the soul, an opening to life; a courageous act of gratitude and self-love. Prosperity is acknowledging the deep love of the Divine and its trust in us. Prosperity is the Divine unfolding within us like a vine stretching from our hearts to the world around us and moulding reality according to a vision of expansion, creativity, problem-solving, beauty, joy, generosity, selflessness.

To connect to prosperity is to fearlessly connect to the gift of possibility we all are born with. It is to accept a call to adventure, to become explorers, prospectors and developers of the potential in our soul. To connect to prosperity is to dare to be the Michelangelo of our own existance and let out the angel trapped within the marble of our lives. It is to connect to the magnificent force of our inner universe, reflected in the outer.

The outer Universe lives, thrives and manifest in abundance, in grandeur, in creation, in eradication of that which time has come. The Universe does not look back or gets trap in the past, but expands forwards, outwards, from within. The Universe's goal is to grow, to evolve, to change, to be more, to be limitless. The Universe does not question its right to birth stars, to create galaxies, to bring forth life and then change it into the mystery of supernovas and black holes. The Universe gives freely, creating currents of power, abundance, invention and manifestation, and just as seasoned sailors use sea and wind currents to move swiftly their ships, those who know connect to these currents of life to move swiftly their dreams.

We are children of the Universe, like the stars are, and the magnetic fields are and the rings of Saturn are. There is nothing in the Universe that teaches scarcity or poverty. On the contrary; here on Earth we see the Universe manifesting growth and life everywhere, from the sky-scraping sequoias to the golden dandelion pushing through a pavement crack. If life has a motto, it seems to be the very Vulcan “Live Long and Prosper.”

Next Workshop: Connecting to Prosperity -SOLD OUT


Prosperity is a state of mind, a flight of the soul, a sacred duty, an opening to life; a courageous act of gratitude and love. To connect to prosperity is to connect to the gift of possibility we all are born with; it is to allow ourselves to be all that we can be. And yet, many people are afraid of prosperity, have misconceptions of what it is, or doubt they have what it takes to be truly prosperous. Hence, they live in the “half-empty” side of the glass, denying themselves the gift of abundance, creativity, joy, service and self-fulfilment that prosperity offers. If you are ready to embrace all the fullness, richness and satisfaction that life can give, then Connecting to Prosperity is the workshop for you.


In this workshop you will:

  • create a working definition of prosperity that is right for you
  • learn about prosperity’s blockers
  • find about the attitudes and practices that will connect you to prosperity’s flow and allow you to navigate successfully on its currents.


Life does not teach scarcity or poverty. On the contrary; it manifests continuously in expansion and growth against all odds, from the skyscraping sequoias to the golden dandelion pushing through a pavement crack. If life has a motto, it seems to be the very Vulcan “Live Long and Prosper.” So join us and let Connecting to Prosperity be your first step towards the plentiful life you were born to live.


Date: 27th September

Place: Chelmsford, Essex

Venue: Atlantic Business Centre, Lyttleton House, 64 Broomfield Rd, Chelmsford CM1 1SW

Time: From 10 to 5

Investment: £80 (10%  will be donated to a local charity/cause)


The Circles of Fire.


Inspired a bit in the Pagan fire festivals of the British Isles, this is a visualisation/ritual aimed at helping to let go of limiting or redundant beliefs, ideas or patterns. I suggest you read it several times, record it before doing it or have someone read it out loud to you.

Write on a white piece of paper a belief, attitude or habit you are ready to give up. On  a yellow or orange paper, then write an opposite belief, attitude or habit that would help you to be more genuine, bring you closer to your goals or just make life easier, happier or more meaningful. Get some matches, two foil lined pots with a lids. Have some cinnamon sticks, fresh or dried rosemary and laurel leaves (traditionally associated to purification) in one of the pots. You may also need some heat-proof surface on where to put the pots. Find a quiet place where you won’t be interrupted. Sit, preferably on the floor, as comfortably as you can and place the pots and matches in front, where you can easily access them. If you like, light some candles and play some inspiring or relaxing music.

 Do a centring a practice (it may be as simple as breathing deeply around nine times). Close your eyes and using the power of your imagination, see yourself in a beautiful meadow, full of wild flowers, and with little isles of trees here and there. The sun is beginning to set and there’s a refreshing, soft breeze caressing the tall grass. In front of you, there is a circle of purple stones, in the middle of which a bonfire burns.  A few steps away, there’s another circle, this time of translucent, crystal-like stones, with another bonfire burning in the middle. Step confidently into the first circle. This is a purifying fire, that burns away that which no longer serves you.  Feel a rush of energy, coming from deep down the earth, up to your soles and all the way up to the top of your head and beyond. Keeping this image on your mind, open your eyes softly, take the paper where you have written what you are ready to let go and say: “I let go of… I am ready to continue without this in my life.” Light a match, burn a corner of the paper and drop it on the empty pot. See it burn, and in your mind, see a black smoke leave, away from you, your home, your town, country, planet. Make sure the whole paper burns and then put the lid on.

Breathe in deeply one more time, close your eyes, and see yourself again in the meadow. Step out the purple circle, stretch your arms out and say a prayer or words of gratitude, as recognition that you are no longer tied to the pattern or belief that was holding you back. Now step into the second circle. This is a fire of inspiration. Feel a rush of energy, from above your head to the sole of your feet. See your body encased in a golden light.  Slowly open your eyes and burn the herbs in the second pot.  Carefully and gently, waft some of the smoke in front of you (be sensible here, the idea is no to choke yourself) as you do that, imagine what it would be like to act and live with this new habit or belief. Put the lid on. Breathe in deeply and go back to the meadow.

You are now out of the second circle. Evoke the joy, confidence, peace, sense of achievement and any other feeling that you will experience once the new thought/belief or habit has settled into your life. Again, say some words of appreciation for this. Breathe in deeply. Become aware of the floor or cushion under you. Wiggle your fingers. And when you are ready, open your eyes.

Put the orange paper with your new pattern or vision in a visible place, and for the next 21 days look at it and say: "I am thankful that I now think/ believe/ act this way". Take practicla steps to start living your new reality. Remember that it's best to do go little by little and incorporate the changes slowly but continously,  than to try to do everything at once.

A Love Letter


This weekend I’d like to invite you to write a love letter…to yourself. I know, for some it sound a bit strange, for others somewhat conceited or even very egotistical. Trust me in this one. When you find all the reasons to love you, the world looks brighter, gentler, happier and more inspiring. This exercise is particularly good if you are ready to allow romantic love into your life…I mean, if you can’t find reasons to love yourself, why should others? So here is a little questionnaire to help draft your love letter:

1)    What term of endearment will you use? Examples: dear, beloved, sweet, brave, my dearest, and so forth.

2)    What are the three qualities you like the best about your personality?

3)    What challenges are you particularly proud of having overcome, accepted or worked around?

4)    Name three things that you are pretty good at.

5)    What part of your body do you personally find more attractive, strong or beautiful?

6)    What anecdote about your childhood or teenage years do you find most endearing?

7)    What life lessons have you learned so far that have helped grow and be wiser, more accepting, loving and caring?

8)    What values do you hold especially dear and why are they important or meaningful?

9)    Think of three things you have done that have helped or inspired others.

10)                       Include one or more goals you have for the future and write what you have in your favour to help them achieve them.

11)                       Write a list of loving, admiring, funny, caring and beautiful adjectives you can include in your letter to express your self-love.

12)                       Write the letter. Take as long as necessary. Don’t edit yourself. If you find that you feel uncomfortable at some issues, write them down in your journal and go back to them later. Right now focus in the feelings of love, appreciation and admiration that this practise may awake. And if the inner critics comes out of the shell, instead of fighting or discussing with it, give it a task. Ask, what qualities make me worthy of love? What examples of courage are there in my life? Why do I feel so happy/satisfy when I do…?