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Elements Tarot Triad (tarot, flower cards, runes) for the Weekend (07-09/12/12)



Fire (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius)

Tarot: fire people will need to make sure that their zest, passion and desire to make things happen do not over-ride their family values and spiritual leanings. It’s simply not worthy. Even if you did obtain much of what you want, it would not be all of it, and whereas a part of you may feel smug about your cunningness, there’s a real possibility you may lose respect and moral statue from those who admire you and see you as a role model, particularly relatives or close associates.

Flower card: Pink Cherry. This card suggests you focus on your abundance. There are energies your way that bring new opportunities for some kind of riches, most likely material. Be aware of these influences and keep your senses open to them. To appreciate these possibilities of gain in their full dimension, take time to appreciate what you have right now.

Rune: Laguz. Use this weekend to clean, both, your environment as well as your body and mind. Practice some kind of purification ritual for your home and a cleansing meditation for your soul. It’s a good day to travel inwards and sit and listen to your Higher Self. Try to create harmony between your inner truth and outer actions.


Air (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius)

Tarot: air people may not enjoy the most relaxed of times this weekend. You may find yourself in a defensive mood, feeling that, at best, people are not cooperating, at worst, they are attacking you or things that you hold dear. You may be prone to take this very personally and few may find themselves depressed, sad, questioning their self-worth or the true feelings of those around you. Breathe in and breathe out. Although there may be material reasons to feel this way, do not enslave yourself to the dark thoughts. Acknowledge them, feel them and then release then. Focus on the light at the end of the tunnel, repeat yourself like in a mantra: this too will pass. Is mostly perception. Change your glasses and make a concerted effort to focus on the things you can control, on the beauty and magic of the season, on the knowledge that soon this influence will pass and you will feel better.

Flower card: Daffodil. This weekend will gift you with opportunity to attest your personal power. You have abilities that not even you know you have. Let go of the dark clouds above your head and see the sun that shines within you. Bathe on its light and act from its strength. If you take ownership of this power, you’ll be surprised at how much you’ll be able to do.

Rune: Algiz. Control your emotions. You are going through a time of transition and emotions can act like a roller coaster. Connect to your Spiritual Warrior. Timely action and correct conduct are your best protection. You will progress. Know it and act accordingly.


Earth (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn)

Tarot: earth people, appropriately enough, will be very concerned with earthly, material matters. There is a need to organize, to create and bring beauty into the environment, to balance costs, and share wealth. There’s a tendency of wanting to hold to what has been gained and this may create frictions, as some may feel they are not receiving a fair share. There’s also an influence of reflection on the material efforts put into the closing year and deciding if the result is the expected one or not. Try to balance this earthiness connecting to the heart, to motherly (even if you are male) feelings of nourishment and care for others.

Flower card: crocus. This weekend may awaken the creative juices in many earth people. This will be welcome by some that have felt a bit flat lately. Relish this input of creativity and accept it enthusiastically. Write ideas, do crafts, find new uses for old things, review you goals and dreams, try something new.

Rune: Ansuz. Open yourself to signs and patterns that inspire messages and ideas. Those who do open to inspiration, to seeing beyond the evident, who are ready to trust the voice intuition in spite of their intellects, can receive valuable spiritual lessons this weekend. Look for this signs not only in the typical places, like sacred texts and sages; see the Divine presence in earthly things, in shadowy things, in shallow things. Expect the unexpected and see every person and situation as potential messengers. You may receive the map to a new life.


Water (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces)

Tarot : this weekend will give many the chance to explore feelings of loss, of sadness and work with them in a positive manner. Give them purpose; allow them to help you see things in a different way, see them as offering to your inner growth, discovery and maturity. Once you have done this work, chances are that the scales will fall from your eyes and you will see all the blessing, beauty and untapped opportunities within and without. Find comfort and strength in those willing to support you, even if their help is of a more practical fashion. They don’t have to fully understand you, but accept their kindness and nourishment. It will be necessary to help you move on. Actually, some may feel the need to physically change places to do this inner work, although they may not be fully aware of what’s happening in their soul realm.

Flower card: rose. Open your doors to abundance and practice self-worth. Give thanks to the Universe for all your blessings. This will be a taken as a sign that you are ready to receive. Let go of your limits and accept the gifts that are there for you to take.

Rune: Jera. The change you want is there, but it need time. It’s need tending, dedication, work. It needs faith and trust. It needs love, vision, and joy. It needs strength and patient. It need you acting on you to be the you, you want. It needs about a year. Be gentle with yourself. And know that within you is the seed of all the beauty and joy you seek. Help it grow. Start this weekend by clearing the inner fields and planting it in a soil full of hope.


Triada del Tarot: tarot cartas sanadora y animal (para el 5, 12, 2012)


Carta: La Rueda de la Fortuna por Angie Chow


  • El mensaje es claro y simple: la época de la indecisión ya pasó. Se están generando nuevas energías e influencias y aquellos lo suficientemente valientes y con suficiente fe deben usarlas para sanar por dentro y por fuera y encontrar la armonía interna que les permitirá ver la vida con nuevos ojos, esperanzas y alegría.
  • Es hora de renacer de las cenizas del pasado. Es hora de recrearte, purificarte y limpiarte. Eres el bebé que nace este mes y con ese nuevo tú vienen 365 días de oportunidades para soñar, actuar y florecer en grande. Pero todo comienza con un simple paso; suelta lo que sea que te está impidiendo alcanzar tu grandeza.
  • Deja ir esas viejas creencias que ya no te son de apoyo: solo así podrás llevar las radiantes vestiduras de la inspiración y la esperanza. Suelta la espada y confía. Suelta la rabia, el miedo y el dolor y bebe del elixir de la vida, de esas aguas vivas echas de amor, compasión, gentiliza, coraje, visión, firmeza y la certeza de saber que no importa lo que parezca, tú nunca caminas solo.
  • Se gentil con tus emociones. Confía en tu intuición y no te comas la rabia. No edites la belleza de tu alma; permítele expresarse como realmente desea hacerlo.

Carta sanadora: haz menos. Considera todas tus actividades y el cómo te están afectando a nivel de salud. Ahora reflexiona sobre el porqué estás haciendo tanto. Recuerda, no tienes que probar tu valía ni comprar el amor/admiración de otros a través de la acción. Eres lo que eres y si tus acciones reflejan a tu verdadero ser estas actuando de acuerdo con las leyes del Universo y eso es lo único que lo Vida te pide que hagas.

Carta Animal: ballena. Reconéctate con tu alma atreves de la música. Canta para sanar tus percepciones sobre la vida. Canta para encontrar la alegría perdida. Toca un instrumento o escucha música para escuchar las historias y posibilidades que la Inspiración ha escondido para ti entre las notas. Rézale a la Divinidad cantando. Entra en la magia de las fechas a través de la inocencia de los villancicos y encuentras el poder de tu propia inocencia.


  • Hoy desecho todo lo que le queda pequeño a mi grandeza y me entrego a todo lo que apoya mi crecimiento.
  • Hoy me doy permiso de soñar en grande y sentir la alegría y esperanza que vienen con mi esperanza y visión.

Oración: Espíritu, lávame de todo lo que empalidece a mi amor; lávame de todo lo distorsiona mi visión y pinta monstruos en mi mirada; lávame de todo lo que se incrusta en mi corazón e impide que se abra plenamente a tu infinita sabiduría y luz.


Tarot Triad: tarot, healing and animal cards for December 5, 2012


Card: Wheel of Frotune by Angie Chow


  • The message is clear and simple: the time for indecision has passed. New energies and influences are brewing and those who are brave enough and have faith enough should use them to heal, within and without and find the inner harmony that will let them see life with new eyes, new hope, new joy.
  • It’s time to be reborn from the ashes of the past. It’s time to recreate ourselves, to purify ourselves, cleanse ourselves. You are the baby being born this month. And with that new you come 365 days of opportunities to dream big, to act big, to do big, and to bloom big. But it starts with a simple step: let go of whatever is stopping you from achieving your greatness.
  • Let go of the old beliefs that no longer support you: only then can you dress anew in the glowing garments of inspiration and hope. Let go of the sword and trust. Let go of the anger, fear and pain and drink the elixir of life, those living waters made of love, compassion, gentleness, courage, vision, steadfastness and knowledge that no matters what appears to be, you never walk alone.
  • Be gentle with your emotions. Trust those guts feelings and don’t eat up the anger. Don’t edit the beauty of your soul; allow it to express itself as it wishes too.


Healing Card: do less. Consider how all your activities are affecting your health. Now reflect on why you are over extending yourself. Remember, you don’t have to prove your worth or buy other’s people love and admiration through action. You are what you are and if your actions reflect your true self, they are in accordance to the laws of the Universe and that’s all that Life asks of you.

Animal Card: humpback whale. Reconnect to your soul through music. Sing to heal your perceptions on life. Sing to find inspiration and express gratitude. Sing to find the lost joy. Play and instrument or listen to music and hear the stories and possibilities Inspiration has hidden within the notes for you. Pray to the Divine though a song. Enter the magic of these holidays through the innocence of carols and find that powerful innocence that still lives in us all.


  • Today I cast out all that’s become too small for greatness and I embrace all which supports my growth.
  • Today I give myself permission to dream big and feel joy and hope accordingly to my hope and vision.

Prayer: wash me Spirit from all that dulls my love; wash me from all that distorts my vision and paints monster in my eyes; wash me from all that encrusts my heart and prevents it to open fully to your infinite wisdom and light.

Tarot Express para Diciembre 4 2012


Carta del Tarot de la Diosa

  • Puede que aquellos que se sienten estancados tengan que volver al plan original y encontrar nuevas preguntas a responder. Acepten que algo no funcionó como se esperaba y déjenlo ir.
  • Algunos descubrirán que la comunicación con la otra generación, sea mayor o menor, no esta funcionando. Puede que haya aspectos de competencia y miedo en la situación. Los mayores deben intentar dejar de sentirse amenazados por el entusiasmo de los jóvenes; los jóvenes deben intentar de percibir a los mayores como piedras en el camino. Hasta que no se lleguen a acuerdos entre las diferentes generaciones no habrá mucho progreso. Esta es una de esas situaciones en que hay que preguntarse qué es más importante, tener razón o ser feliz.
  • Algunos tendrán que elegir un camino hoy. No permitan que el miedo al fracaso los congele. Escuchan y sigan los dictados del corazón. Los que decidan pedir consejo asegúrense que el consejero tiene toda la información posible, o pueden terminar en una situación en que los ciegos guían a los ciegos.
  • Si tu oponente parece tener igual fuerza que tu (aunque tal vez de manera diferente) quizás sea hora de considerar coaliciones, alianzas y treguas.
  • Algunos no podrán lograr mucho hasta que tomen una posición en firme y actúen desde ella. Si sabes lo que quieres y a donde quieres llegar, no dejes que el protocolo, la tradición o las buenas intenciones de gente poco informada de desvíen de tu camino.


Tarot Express for December 4 2012


Card from the Goddess Tarot


  • Those who may feel stagnated may need to go back to the drawing board and ask different questions. Accept that something has not worked as expected and let it go.
  • A few will find a failing in their communications with a different generation, be it younger or older. There may be an aspect of competition and fear in the situation. The elder should try to stop feeling threaten by the younger one’s enthusiasm; the younger one should stop feeling that the older one is in his/her way. Until agreements can be reached between the generations not much progress will be achieved. This is one of this situation that begs the question, “would you rather be happy or be right?”
  • Some may need to choose a path today. Don’t let the fear of failure freeze you on the spot. Listen and follow the beating of your own drum. Those of you who decide to ask for advice make sure that the advisor has all the information necessary or you may have a case of the blind leading the blind.
  • If your opposition seems to have the same strength as you do (although not necessarily in the same manner), it may be a time to consider coalitions, alliances and truce.
  • Some will not be going anywhere until the take a stand and act from it. If you know what you want and where you want to go, don’t let protocol, tradition or other’s well-meant-but-misguided counsel stray you from your path.


Tarot Express para el 29 de noviembre del 2012


EL Carro

  • Hoy es un día para avanzar, para tomar pasos definitivos hacia tus metas, para dejar toda la basura mental atrás. Tu turno ha llegado: comienza el viaje que te llevara a tus sueños. Se valiente, se atrevido. Prepárate. Céntrate.
  • La realidad es esta: hay oscuridad y luz en ti y necesitas a ambas para ser un humano completo. Aprende a adaptar las proporciones de ambas a tus circunstancias actuales. Una vez que controles al caballo claro y al obscuro en ti, podrás obtener lo que desees.
  • Haz planeado para lograr la victoria. ¿Qué haz planeado para el después? ¿Qué harás una vez obtengas tu meta? ¿Cómo afectara este logro a tu familia, trabajo, amigos, imagen? Y una vez que obtengas lo que deseas, ¿entonces qué? Encuentra paz y equilibrio interior al mismo tiempo que trabajas por tus sueños. Solo a través del auto control y disciplina puedes ir más allá del ganar y obtener la sabiduría que trasciende la acción.
  • Esta es tu vida y la vida está hecha de las decisiones que tomamos y las precepciones sobre las cuales decidimos enfocarnos. Dirige tu vida hacia donde quieres ir. No pongas las excusas fuera de ti. En este viaje, tanto interno como externo, tú tienes el mapa, las riendas de los caballos, eres responsable por el cuidado de tu vehículo y decides cuando parar y cuando continuar.


Tarot Express for 29 November 2012


The Chariot. Card from Steampunk Tarot

  • Today is a day to move forwards, to definitely take the steps towards your goal, to leave all the baggage behind. Your time has come: start the journey that will take you to your dreams. Be brave, be daring, be prepared, be centred.
  • The reality is this: there is darkness and light within you, and in a way you need both to be a full human being. Just learn to adapt the proportions to your present circumstances. Once you are in control of the light and dark horse within you, you can basically achieve anything you want.
  • You have plan for victory. Have you planed for the aftermath? What will you once you achieve goal? How being a winner affect you, your family and friends, your job, the way you are seen? And once you have achieved your goal, then what? Find inner peace and inner knowledge as you strive to obtain your materials goals. Only through self control and discipline can you go beyond the just “winning” part and obtain wisdom that transcend action.
  • This is your life and life is made out of the choices we have made and the perceptions we have put our attentions unto. Direct your life to where you want to go. Don’t put excuses outside yourself. In this inner and outer journey, you have the map, your steer the horses, you are responsible for the well being of your chariot, you decide when to stop and when to go on.

Tarot Express para el 28 de Noviembre



El Emperador -Carta por Iscalox

  • Muchos serán llamados a ejercer su poder y autoridad personal: a apoyar y guiar; a organizar grupos y sacar lo mejor de cada individuo; a aclarar las cosas y asegurarse de que todo el mundo este hacienda el mismo esfuerzo. Los hombres tendrán que conectarse con el guerrero compasivo en ellos; las mujeres a su animus o energía masculina interna.
  • Algunos tendrán que pensar sobre la relación con sus hijos y tratar de logar ese delicado equilibrio entre ser padres amorosos y receptivos y firmes guías. Tomen tiempo para estar con ellos y conocerlos mejor. Unos cuantos tendrán que hablar seriamente con sus hijos sobre los males del siglo 21, como las drogas, la violencia, la presión de los amigos y demás. Quizás haya que incluir en la conversación lo que significa ser un hombre.
  • Unos cuantos tendrán que examinar su vida y asegurarse que tienen el control sobre ella. Vean como influencias externas afectan sus acciones y decisiones. Recuerden, los consejeros son buenos, pero a la hora de decidir cada quien se para en sus propios pies. Al final, el único responsable de tu vida eres tú.
  • Algunos tendrán que recurrir al pragmatismo a la hora de lidiar con autoridades y superiores. Puede que se les pregunte sobre su papel y aporte en un proyecto y, para bien o para mal, se les haga responsable del mismo. Cuidado con convertirte en un tirano para cumplir las metas laborales.


Tarot Express for 28 November


Card by Iscalox


  • Many will be call today to exert personal power and authority; to support and guide; to help organize groups and bring forth the best qualities of each individual; to set the record straight and make sure everyone is pulling their fair share of the weight. Men may need to connect with the compassionate warrior in them and women may have to talk to their inner animus or masculine energy.
  • Some will need to think today about their relationship with their children and try to create a delicate balance between being loving and accepting and firm and guiding. Take time to be with them and get to know them better. A few may need to have some serious conversations with their children about the ills of the 21st century, be it drugs, violence, peer pressure and so forth. It may be a day when talking about what it means to be a man comes up in the chat.
  • A few will need to examine their lives and make sure they have control over them. See how external influences are affecting your actions and decisions. Remember, advisers are good but at the time of deciding you stand alone. At the end, no one is responsible for your life but you.
  • Soma may need to connect to their pragmatism today when dealing with authority and the powers that be. Some may be asked about their role and input in a project and may be made responsible, for better or worse, of it. Be careful of not turning into tyrant to get things done

Ten Lessons from the Bhagavad Gita

The Bhagavad Gita is a Hindu sacred text (Vedas) that depicts the conversation between Prince Arjuna and the Divine in its manifestation as the god Krishna. In this conversation, the god teaches his disciple important and wise truth, useful and applicable to all times, people, places and spiritualities. Here are ten quotes from the book steeped in deep lessons to meditate about.

  1. “There is nothing lost or wasted in this life.”
  2. “Hell has three gates: lust, anger, and greed."
  3. “Man is made by his belief. As he believes, so he is.”
  4. “A gift is pure when it is given from the heart to the right person at the right time and at the right place, and when we expect nothing in return.”
  5. “Creation is only the projection into form of that which already exists.”
  6. “One can become whatever one wants to be [if one constantly contemplates on the object of desire with faith].”
  7. “There has never been a time when you and I have not existed, nor will there be a time when we will cease to exist. As the same person inhabits the body through childhood, youth, and old age, so too at the time of death he attains another body. The wise are not deluded by these changes.”
  8. “A man's own self is his friend. A man's own self is his foe.”
  9. “The power of God is with you at all times; through the activities of mind, senses, breathing, and emotions; and is constantly doing all the work using you as a mere instrument.”
  10. “One who has control over the mind is tranquil in heat and cold, in pleasure and pain, and in honor and dishonor; and is ever steadfast with the Supreme Self.”


Diez Frases Inspidadoras del Bhagavad Gita

El Bhagavad Gita es uno de los libros sagrados de la tradición hindú (Vedas) y describe la conversación entre Arjuna y la Divinidad en su manifestación como Krishna. He aquí diez de mis frases y lecciones favoritas del libro. Si tienen la oportunidad de leer el libro completo les recomiendo que los hagan: la sabiduría allí expresada es aplicable a todos los tiempos y espiritualidades.

  1. ¡No desfallezcas Arjuna! Esto no es propio de un hombre como tú. Sobreponte a ese mediocre desaliento y levántate como el fuego que quema todo lo que encuentra a su paso.
  2. Un sabio no siente lástima por los que viven, ni tampoco por los que mueren. La vida y la muerte no son diferentes.
  3. El Espíritu es indestructible e imperecedero; todo lo penetra. Nadie puede destruire al Ser Inmutable.
  4. Al igual que un hombre se quita un vestido viejo y se pone otro nuevo, el Espíritu abandona su cuerpo mortal para tomar otro nuevo.
  5. Permanece en paz, tanto en el placer como en el dolor; en la victoria, tanto como en la derrota; tanto si ganas como si pierdes.
  6. Concentra tu mente en tu trabajo, pero nunca permitas que tu corazón se apegue a los resultados. Nunca trabajes por amor a la recompensa, y realiza tu trabajo conconstancia y regularidad.
  7. El hombre que abandona el orgullo de la posesión, libre del sentimiento del “yo” y de “lo mío”, alcanza la paz suprema.
  8. En este mundo somos esclavos de la acción, a menos que ésta se convierta en adoración. Realiza tus acciones con pureza, libres de la esclavitud al deseo.
  9. Quien ve a Dios en todo lo que hace, en verdad llega a Dios. A Dios dirige su adoración, y a Él ofrece su ofrenda: que es Dios mismo, ofrecido en el fuego de Dios..
  10. Aquél que en su amor universal, logra amarme en todo lo que ve, donde quiera que este hombre viva, este hombre vive en Mí constantemente, sea cual fuere la condi-ción de su vida.


Tarot Express para el 27 de Noviember del 2012


Carta del tarot Divino

Nueve de monedas

  • Para muchos este será un día de alivio. Los frutos del trabajo duro, la firmeza y el aferrarse al optimismo comenzaran a manifestarse. En muchos corazones comenzara a nacer una sensación de logro y satisfacción, al igual que el agradecimiento del que toca tierra después de haber navegado a través de la tormenta.
  • Algunos recibirán algún tipo de recompensa material y/o noticias sobre una herencia o regalo. Otros sentiran la necesidad de reconectarse a la familia y ancestros y encontrar su lugar en las leyendas y arboles familiares. Esto los llevara a pensar en organizar reuniones y comprar regalos especiales.
  • Para muchos la generosidad estará en el aire: un deseo de compartir y dar. Esto es bueno pero tengan cuidado. Recuerden que la caridad comienza en casa. Pongan en orden sus asuntos económicos antes de pensar en fiestas y regalos. Den desde el corazón, no desde la vanidad u orgullo. Esto se aplica a la salud. Sean prudentes y no cometan excesos que puedan afectar al cuerpo de mala manera.
  • Otros tendrán un fuerte sentido de estilo personal y buscaran presentarse una imagen que refleje mas sus naturalezas y verdades interiores. Esto necesitara de valor y el aceptar que algunos recibirán la imagen con cejas alzadas.
  • Todo este recibir, dar y mostrar puede generar envidia en algunos. Sean cuidadosos de que el dinero dado en buena fe sea repartido de manera justa. Si piensan donar a buenas causas, verifiquen la legitimidad de los organizadores. Controlen sus finanzas.

Tarot Express for the 27 of November 2012


Card from the Divine Tarot

Nine of Coins

  • This is a day of relief for many. The fruits of all that hard work, steadfastness, and holding-on-to-the-dream attitude will begin to manifest. A sense of accomplishment and satisfaction may be brewing in the heart and mind, as well as that sort of appreciation that comes when touching the land of a beach after having sailed through the storm.
  • A few may receive some sort of material gain, news about inheritance or gifts of sorts. Others will have a desire to reconnect to family and ancestry, to find their place in the family tree and lore and may be contemplating organizing reunions or buying special gifts.
  • Generosity will be in the air for many: a desire to share and give. This is good, but exercise care: remember charity starts at home. Put our affairs in order and make sure you have enough to cover your expenses before thinking about giving party or handing impressive gifts. Give from the heart and no from vanity or pride. This is also true for your health. Be prudent and do go not into excesses that may affect your body badly.
  • Others will have a strong sense of self, a desire to style and present their personas in a certain manner that reflects more of their inner truth and nature. This will take courage and acceptance that some people will receive this new looks with arched eyebrows.
  • All this receiving, giving and showing can generate envy in some. Be careful that money given in good faith is not distributed unfairly. If you are thinking about donating for good causes, check the credentials of the organizers and make sure they are legitimate. Be in control of your finances.


Tarot Express Para el 21-11-12


Carta del Tarot Dorado

Muchos se dejan quitar las ganas de luchar por lo suyo al aceptar la negatividad que viene de afuera. Compran y aceptando los mensajes más obscuros, más deprimentes, mas desesperanzadores y con ellos alimentan a los miedos y demonios internos. Pregúntense, ¿quién gana cerceándoles la esperanzas y las ganas se seguir adelante? Si la respuesta no es “yo”, entonces agarren a batazo limpio a esos murciélagos mentales. La luz está en ustedes; la fuerza está en ustedes; la esperanza está en ustedes. La batalla que seguramente perderás será la que no luches.

Tarot Express for 21-11-12


Card from the Guilded Tarot

Many are surrendering the desire to fight for their dreams to outside negativities. They buy and accept the darkest, most depressing and hopeless messages and feed them to their inner fears and demons. Ask yourselves, who wins by crushing your faith and drive? If the answer is not “I”, take a bat and chase those black birds away from your mind. The light is within you; the strength is within you; the optimism is within you. The battle you will surely lose it the one you do not fight.