Our aim at Journeying Soul is to help people find their personal power, let go of limiting beliefs, re-connect to inspiration and inner wisdom and live life genuinely and fully. To do so, we offer spiritual tools and techniques to help you achieve earthly success, be it in the form of 1-2-1 counselling (in person or via Skype) or coaching, live workshops, bespoke programmes and online e-products.

We also believe that marking the different transitions of life is important for your well-being, so we offer bespoke, non-denominational ceremonies that can be as multi-faith, spiritual or secular as you like. Ceremonies include, but are not limited to: wedding and civil partnership blessings, vow renewal, funerals and memorials, baby naming, home and business blessings, puberty, maturity, home-leaving, pet blessings and funerals, emotional healing ceremonies and any other ritual/ceremony that can sign-post an important moment in a joyful, meaningful and transformative way.

We offer all our services both in English and Spanish.

So Welcome to Journeying Soul, whoever you are. We want to serve you: the spiritual but not religious; the religious but spiritually open; the secular minded, who wants to honour your life's stages in a significant way. All from a place of acceptance, service and joy.

Much love and light,

Rev. Karem Barratt, BA

Note: do to  a reorganization scheme we have stopped membership for the time being. Please, do not let this stop you from contacting us to comment, ask or share.


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